Mouthguards are essential equipment for athletes of all ages who participate in sporting events and activities. The use of a mouthguard can protect the teeth, lips, cheeks, and tongue from injuries sustained during sporting activities. It can also prevent serious injuries such as concussions , cerebral hemorrhages, incidents of unconsciousness , jaw fractures, and head injuries by helping to avoid situations where the lower jaw get jammed into the upper jaw.

Inexpensive mouthguards that are not professionally fitted do not provide adequate protection,and can even make breathing difficult.  Custom fitted mouth guards provide the best fit and protection for athletes of all ages.

Manufactured from high-grade vinyl for resiliency and shock-absorption, professional mouth guards are odourless and hypoallergenic. When carefully fitted, a mouthguard creates a custom cushion protecting the teeth and mouth, and absorbing the shock from direct impact to the jaw , chin and face, thus  reducing the risk of concussion.

Dentists and the coaches of youth sports teams strongly support the use of custom-fitted mouth guards for protection while participating in a variety of sports such as:





Field Hockey



Water skiing




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